Max Marks: 100                                                                M1-R4-01-19


  • Which of the following tag pair is used to list the text?

(a) <STRONG> and </STRONG>

(b) <LI> and </LI>

(c) <H1> and </H1>

(d) <OL> and </OL

  • Which of the following is Adobe’s popular file manages both bitmaps and drawn art (as well as text and other multimedia content), and is commonly used to deliver a “Finished product” that contains multiple assets?

a. PDF


c. BMP


  • Bit mapped images can be converted into vector-based outlines in a drawing into vector-based outlines in a drawing or painting package with the __________ feature

a. Eyedropper tool

b. Lathe and Extrude

(c)    Autotrace

(d)    Thesaurues

  • The file size of a 20-second recording, sampled at 11 kHz, 16-bit stereo (two tracks) would be about:

a. 110,000 bytes

b. 220,000 bytes

c. 440,000 bytes

d. 550,000 bytes

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  • New with HTML5 is animation built within one the following file, where graphic elements can be programed to change over time is

a. standard video graphics

b. serial viewable graphics

c. symmetrical variable graphics

d. scalable vector graphics

  • Which of the following is a time-based development environment?

(a) Flash

b. Director

c. Corel Draw

d. MS-Paint

  • A scripting language is considered.

a. a Very Low Level Language (VLLL)

b. an assembler language

c. a subset of HTML

d. a form of BASIC

  • How many different colors in a 4-bit image capable of representing?

(a)     2

(b) 16

(c)    256

(d)    65,536

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2.      Each statement below is either TRUE or FALSE. Choose the most appropriate one and enter your choice in the “OMR” answer sheet supplied with the question paper, following instructions therein. (1×10=10)

2.1 On the World Wide Web, standards for transmitting virtual reality worlds or Modeling Language) documents have been developed. TRUE

2.2 The American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) is the 16-bit character coding system most commonly used by computer systems in the United States and abroad. (FALSE)

2.3 Jaggies are avoided by anti-aliasing the edges of the text characters, making them seem smoother to the eye. TRUE

2.4 Vector-drawn objects are used for line, boxes, circles, polygons, and other graphic shapes that can be mathematically expressed in angles, co-ordinates, and distance. TRUE

2.5 The word inks, in computer animation terminology, usually means special methods for computing color values, providing edge detection, and layering so that images can blend or otherwise mix their colors to produce special transparencies, inversions, and effects. TRUE

2.6 White balance introduces for bluish, orange or greenish color costs resulting from an uneven distribution of colors. TRUE

2.7 PDF reader comes bundled in an office suite that might include spreadsheet, database, e-mail, web browser and presentation applications. FALSE

2.8 Many web-authoring programs such as Dreamweaver include tools that create helpful diagrams and links among the pages of a web site. TRUE

2.9 The user interface of your multimedia product is a blend of its graphic elements and its navigation system. TRUE

2.10 Character Sets displays mappings between byte or byte values and the actual character glyphs seen on the screen or printer. TRUE

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3. Match words and phrases in column X with the closest related meaning word(s) phrases (s) in column Y. Enter your selection in the “OMR” answer sheet supplied with the question paper, following instructions therein. (1×10=10)

  X   Y
3.1 Multimedia can contain structured linking called (J) A. Multimedia
3.2 Serif versus sans serif is the simplest way to categorize (E) B. Twinning
3.3 When the computer finally uses intricate algorithms to apply the affects you have specified on the objects you have  created is called                                       (F) C. A link or hyperlink
3.4 software that compresses a stream of audio or video data for storage or transmission , then decompresses it for playback is called (I) D. Framing
3.5 An action that requires calculating the number of frames between key frames and the path the action takes is called (B) E. A typeface
3.6 When light reflected from an object passes through a video camera lens , that light is converted into an electronic signal by a special sensor called (L) F. Rendering
3.7 The process of building a single frame from two fields is called    (D) G. ASCII text
3.8 OCR software    turns into    bitmapped    characters electronically recognizable (G) H. Interlacing
3.9 If clicking the hot – spot connects the user to another part of the document or program or to a different program or web site , it is referred to as (C) I. Codec 3.6
3.10 plugins are software programs that work with your web browser to display (A) j. Hypermedia
    k. Animation
    L. A charge – couple device
    M. tracking

4.   Each statement below has a blank space to fit one of the word(s) or phrase in the list below. Choose the most appropriate option, enter your choice in the “OMR” answer sheet supplied with the question paper, following instructions therein.

A. an intercap B. Image-editing C. icon
D. wmv E. Tracking F. 2-D animations
G. Dots per inch H. Multimedia I. Small       Computer system interface
J. Times New roman K. Audio resolution L. Morphing
M. CSS        

4.1 ____(H)____ projects often require a large amount of digital memory, hence they are often stored on CD-ROM or DVDs.

4.2    Placing an uppercase letter in the middle of a word, called _____(A)_____ is a trend that emerged from the computer programming community.

4.3 ____(L)____ is another effect that can be used to manipulate still images or to create interesting and often bizarre animated transformations.

4.4 _____(E)_____ (such as 8-or 16-bit) determines the accuracy with which a sound can be digitized.

4.5 A blinking word, a color-cycling logo (where the colors of an image are rapidly altered according to a formula), a cell animation (described more fully later on in this chapter), or a button or tab that changes state on mouse rollover to let a user know it is active are all example of _____(F)_____                                        

4.6 _____(K)_____ is the fine adjustment of the tape during playback so that the tracks are properly aligned as the tape moves across the playback head.

4.7    The _____(I)_____ adds peripheral equipment such as disk drives, scanners, CD-ROM players, and other peripheral device.

4.8 _____(B)_____ applications are specialized and powerful tools for creating, enhancing, and retouching existing bitmapped images.

4.9 ____(C)____ are graphic objects designed specifically to be meaningful as buttons and are usually small.

4.10 Using ____(M)____ in web site design, text can be easily colored, highlighted on hover, and hyperlinked or anchored to other document URLs on clicking

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5.    (a) What is the importance of Hypertext and Hypermedia in multimedia application development? Give the differences between them.

(b) Explain the Stroke fonts and Spline-based outline font’s format available to represent characters. List different Outline Font formats.

(c) The primary characteristic of multimedia system is the use of more than one kind media to deliver content and functionality. List and explain the basic five Elements of Multimedia.

6. (a)    Define codec and list an example of a codec.

(b) List and explain the hardware and software used in development of multimedia systems.

(c) What is video compression? Explain the various major picture types of it.

7. (a) Explain the stages of a Multimedia.

(b) How does JPEG-compression work?

(c) Define MIDI. List its attribute. Compare and contrast the use of MIDI and digitized audio in multimedia production (8+6+6=15)

8. (a) List and explain the features of a good 3-D modeling tool.

(b) Give the detailed comparisons of Image File Formats – JPG, TIFF, PNG, and GIF. Which are the major considerations to choose the necessary image file type? (7+8=15)

9. (a) What is morphing? Write the applications of morphing.

(b) What is Flash? What are the advantages of using Flash over HTML?

(c) Which are things to be avoided in creating computer graphics to get best representation (3+6+6=15)