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Quantitative aptitude

1. The age the father 4 years ago was 8 times the age of his son. At present age of father is 4 times that of his son. Find the present age of his son.
a) 6
b) 7
c) 8
d) 9
e) 10

2. A and B are two alloys of gold and copper prepared by mixing these metals in the ratio 7:2 and 7:11 respectively. If equal quantities of alloys are melted to form a third alloy C the ratio of gold and copper in the alloy C?
a) 5:7
b) 7:5
c) 2:5
d) 5:2
e) None of these

3. In an examination 36% is the pass mark. If an examinee gets 17 marks and fail by 10 marks what is the maximum marks?
a) 87
b) 85
c) 75
d) Can’t be determined
e) None of these

4. The population of a town is 311250.The ratio of population of women to men is 1075:1000. There are 24% literate among men and 8% literate among women.What is the total number of literate person in the town what percentage of persons in the town are illiterate?
a) 48900, 84.3%
b) 58000,92.1%
c) 48000,58.6%
d) 68000,89.7%
e) None of the above

5. A person invested Rs.25000 partly at 10% per annum and partly at 12% per annum at simple interest. At the end of two years interest received was Rs.5640. Find the parts of sum.
a) Rs.20000, Rs.5000
b) Rs.15000,Rs.10000
c) Rs.9000,Rs.16000
d) Rs.8000,Rs.17000
e) Any of the above

6. There is 100% increase to an amount in 8yrs at simple interest. Find the compound interest of Rs.8000 after 2 yrs.
a) 10125
b) 12015
c) 10000
d) 2125
e) None of these

7. The average salary of entire staffs in the office is Rs.120 per month. The average salary of officers is Rs.460 and that of non-officers is Rs.110. If the number of officers is 15 ,then find the number of non-officers?
a) 500
b) 510
c) 534
d) 251
e) 577

8. A person covers 18km at 6km/hr, 16km at 8km/hr and 30km at 6km/hr. Then find the average speed in covering the whole distance.
a) 6.4m/s
b) 5.9m/s
c) 5.9km/hr
d) 6.4km/hr
e) None of these

9. If cost of 20 articles is equal to selling price of 18 articles. Find the approximate profit percentage.
a) 6%
b) 7%
c) 9%
d) 11%
e) 15%

10. A,B and C enter into a partnership. A contributes on-third of the capital while B contributes as much of A and C together contribute. If the profit at end of the year is Rs.840, what should each receive?
a) Rs.280,Rs.420,Rs.140
b) Rs.290,Rs.410,Rs.140
c) Rs.300,Rs.410,Rs.130
d) Rs.280,Rs.400,Rs.160
e) None of these

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